The love affair with natural colours began many years ago during my stint at HDK, Sweden. I created a project called the Colour Harvest, that documented the colours in everyday through my food. I was fascinated by what pomegranate, black rice and onion had in store. I got deeply interested in exploring this further.

I landed at the perfect place to nurture this interest.

Aranya & the team of skilled artisans there were able to give forms and textures to my sketches.



True to its name Aranya was lush.

The most amazing part of this journey was this collaboration with Aranya Naturals located in a valley in the Kanandevan hills.

The group is differenly abled and are very skilled in natural dyeing and Shibori.

The couple of days spent there was not just a great textile adventure but was also a much needed detox from the mundane of the city life.

Surrounded by all that green/ blue mountains and a cool climate definitely has a great bearing on the mind.

I feel like there was a calling for me in those valleys.

The artisans creating the slow textiles with great care & attention to detail is fantastic.