The crowded local train rides & the bumpy tonga rides, working with the artisans in Baruipur was an enriching experience.

These artisan groups are a skilled bunch at toy making.

After spending about three days with them it was a delight to get to know them and involved skillful playing with hands.

Exploring & having fun discovering new ways of creating Muuyee playmates.

Muuyee playmates are repurposed with the smallest bits of textile scraps that come from different textile projects.

Different forms of patchwork inspirations were looked at. From hexagonal quilting techniques to the Japanese Boro patchwork. It was satisfying to see brand new surfaces emerge from old discards.




The most imaginative story tellers are our little friends. Their worlds mean a lot to us. We see wisdom and tons of artistic potential in them.

The below are artworks of Miliha, then 3 years. They have been translated by the skilled hands of our Kantha artisans.

I AM ART, BUT WHAT IS NOT is an upcoming project that would celebrate children’s as artists.